903 Effects


My name is Seth Hoar and I run a little pedal shop called 903 Effects. I’m based out of Tyler Texas, “The Rose Capital of America” 

I began playing Bass on a whim. I spent an afternoon watching Rush music videos and ended up buying a Bass from a random guy on Craigslist that evening. 

My Background

I’m an engineer by trade, so I have an obsession to Tinker with whatever can get my hands on. My first production pedal was born out of the need to improve a near mint Black Russian I was using. I couldn’t bring myself to mod such a beautiful pedal, so I traced the circuit and developed a unique version of the pedal with a strict focus on versatility. Local guitarists took notice of the pedal and began placing orders, which is how 903 Effects was born. 

Most of my production pedals are specifically designed with Bass and Drop Tuned guitar in mind. If you like heavy riffs, you’ll like my pedals.

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