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Dear Builders:

This is an invitation to all builders who are currently using GØRVA products. If you have at least one regular model using S90/C65/M45, or you use them for one-off custom builds from time to time, we will make a page dedicated to your brand on our website to share info about your company and products. If you are interested, please provide some pictures and basic info about your company.

The main focus would be building your brand image and establishing connections with customers rather than just simply pushing sales, so you might want to also include some casual info such as which city is your company based in? What got you into playing guitar? (Musical influences, bands you listen to…etc) What motivated you to start building pedals and do you have any fun stories or achievements to share?

About your products, what is the main focus of your design (e.g. heavy rock/vintage style replica/feature-rich/fancy artwork…etc) Which model from your product line are you most proud of? (Not restricted to ones using GØRVA enclosures) And of course feel free to add any info that helps audiences to get to know more about you and your company goals.

 If you feel like it, it’d be great to see a few pictures of your pets, band, workshop or anything interesting that makes audiences remember you. Our goal is to build a platform that brings in pedal lovers and help them discover cool builders and their pedals.

When you send the pictures please use a Google Drive or Dropbox link.  Oh and don’t forget to include your logo file and IG and website link, thanks very much!


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