KGR Harmony

We combine traditional Japanese crafts with guitar pedals to create and provide new value. 南部鉄器“Nambu Tekki”(Traditional crafts made in Iwate prefecture,Japan. Famous for iron kettles made by casting.)We are making pedals using an enclosure made of iron casting.Cast iron enclosures are very heavy,but at the same time they can produce very powerful tones. In addition,they are the representative pedals of Japan with the style of “和”. We will continue to produce musical instruments that incorporate Japanese traditions.We also sell Pedal DIY Kits and parts that use Gorva Design enclosures,mainly in Japan. And support customers to enjoy making sounds

Keijiro Fukushima

KGR Harmony

Iron Casting Work

初発刀 (Syohattou) OverDrive & 陰陽進退 (Inyo-Shintai) Distortion

DIY kits

More beautiful work by KGR Harmony

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