Spooky Vibes FX


Spooky Vibes FX – Vancouver, Washington, USA

Background: My dad was big into hair metal and the Sunset Blvd scene of late-80s/early-90s Los Angeles and brought me to a lot of shows when I was very young (~5 years old). He even married my stepmother at the Whiskey-a-GoGo when I was 6. Needless to say, I was surrounded with music at a young age. As I got a bit older I picked up the guitar in my teenage years. The internet was pretty slow in those days, so I would load up tabs for Deftones songs to practice while I was waiting for websites to load. I taught myself guitar to the snail-like speeds of a 28.8bps modem. Eventually I joined bands like Scars of Tomorrow and my current band Pressure Cracks which have enabled me to play music all over the world and make a bunch of super loud noise for fun with my friends for the last 20+ years. 

During the pandemic I found myself feeling pretty restless, and knowing I needed a hobby I could do while at home I decided to take a crack at building a pedal. I bought a General Guitar Gadgets fuzz kit and after failing at the first attempt due to a single reversed component, I made the fix and the thing fired up! After that, I was hooked and started building stuff for friends and expanding from there. 

Main focus:  Everything from down-tuned grimy fuzz and chug-tightening overdrives to spaced-out, vibey, self-oscillating reverbs and delays. 

Product highlight:  With help from Mr. Bardic himself, I was able to recognize a circuit I had in my head for sometime called the Spooky Vibes Dual Doom. A blended fuzz and distortion designed for aural destruction. 


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